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Team DSG Gives Advice for New Hunters

Scared to start? Team DSG gives their firsthand advice for hunters new to the sport!

Getting into the sport of hunting can be downright daunting. We all have to start somewhere, and who better to seek some advice from than the ladies of DSG? Team DSG has graciously shared some tips for new hunters and anyone curious about getting started in the world of hunting…

On Getting Started

“Everyone has to start somewhere. If possible, find a mentor to help teach you everything you’re interested in. Your first love should be enjoying the nature around you, as you grow to respect the harvest. Remember they call it hunting and not killing for a reason. You won’t be successful every time you go out, but that’s never a reason to give up. Practice shooting, whether archery or gun, and feel confident in your shots to always make the most ethical shot when the right opportunity presents itself. Be respectful of hunting laws, as they are different for each state.” ~Rachelle Hedrick


“DO IT! I started because I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend. NEVER in a million years did I think it would become such a passion, but it's just become my way of life!” ~Brittany Jill

“Use the resources out there! When I first started archery hunting, I felt like I had to figure everything out on my own and that made the learning process so much longer than it needed to be. Do research online, listen to podcasts, reach out to other hunters on social media and ask for advice. People will more than likely be willing to help, as long as you ask.” ~Kayla Nevius

“Do your research, practice with your weapon of choice and don’t be afraid to hunt public land.” ~Amelia Farrar

“Sometimes it only takes one hunt or experience to appreciate nature and get hooked on the lifestyle. Being able to provide for yourself and/or your family is very fulfilling.If you aren’t successful, don’t get discouraged, but look at it as a learning experience.Seek a mentor and don’t be afraid to ask others if you can tag along or learn from them.Most hunters are eager to teach others, share experiences, and get people into the sport and lifestyle!” ~Stephanie Ray

On Expectations

“Don’t expect to bag the biggest buck right off the bat. It took 10+ years for me to finally harvest my first ‘big buck’ — it was a humbling experience and one worth waiting for. Just know everything isn’t going to go as planned, you will make mistakes, and remember the reason why you started hunting in the first place.” ~Katie Mincheski

“Hunting can be a sport, but always remember there is a purpose behind hunting—conservation and feeding your family.” ~Kayle Browning

“We all miss, that's what makes it hunting and not killing. If you never missed it would be hard to appreciate the sport at all.” ~Brooke Bowlden

“Don’t compare yourself to anyone; run your own race at your own pace. It’s easy to get discouraged and caught up in the social media side of hunting these days. Everyone you see on your news feed seems to be going on these great adventures and dream hunts. Hunting is about the humbling experience of it all, the camaraderie it can create and the pure love of the outdoors. There’s nothing quite as humbling as Mother Nature, the elements of a new place and trying to outsmart wild game. But I think that’s what draws us in and keeps us chasing—the wonder of what could possibly happen if we just pushed on a little further and gritted it out a little harder. If your heart is not fulfilled by the experiences of each adventure the outdoors brings your way then it’s time to call it a day.” ~Brooke Saunders

On Patience and Persistence

“The best advice I can give new hunters is to have patience. Nothing works out as fast as you’d like it to, and hunting is often a percentage game. The more hours spent on stand and in the field the better your chances.” ~Melissa Bachman

“Stay persistent. It’s easy to give up when you’re not wanting to walk the miles, scout new areas, save up the money or fail. You are not always going to harvest an animal, you will have hunts that at first seem like a waste of time or a complete bust because you didn’t see a single thing. But those times make you cherish and respect the moment when it all comes together and you succeed! Persistence is key and the reward will be worth it all.” ~Keri Asher


“As a new hunter, it is easy to get wrapped up in the success of a hunt, but enjoy it and take in all the little things that nature has to offer. Have patience and find a mentor to help you.” ~Alli Armstrong

“Do not get discouraged. Being a hunter can definitely be frustrating. Hunting is time-consuming, requires patience (a whole lot of it), and you won’t always be successful. Don’t give up.” ~Alyssa Hall

“Be persistent and don't shy away from new opportunities. Last year I was invited on an all-female duck hunt. I was SO nervous because I'd never hunted waterfowl before and I didn't want to make a fool of myself, not to mention I'd never met any of the girls attending the hunt. They were all very welcoming and non-judgmental. So many of the girls were happy to give me advice when I asked and I learned so much while making some lasting friendships. If you step out of your comfort zone and open up to new experiences, you'll never regret it.” ~Allison Voges

“Take things slow. Practice and don’t get discouraged when you see others succeeding. Hunting is called hunting because you have to hunt for it and sometimes it takes a couple seasons for it to all come together. But you will get your trophy too, just be patient.” ~Brianne Becker

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