At DSG Outerwear, we specialize in high performing outerwear that fits the endeavors of EVERY woman.

Created for women, by women - our focus is on fit and function without sacrificing fashionable attributes. No matter the conditions, DSG has the gear to support your outdoor adventures. 


For decades, women have been subjected to wearing outdoor apparel primarily marketed and designed for men. Founded in 2010, DSG Outerwear is committed to Doing Something Great for women by reshaping the narrative of our outdoor clothing.

The Founding of DSG Outerwear

Frustrated with the limited selection of women's snowmobiling gear, Wendy Gavinski founded DSG Outerwear in 2010 out of her basement in Wisconsin. Complete with rhinestone accents and vibrant colors, the first snowmobile line made a huge impression on women in snowmobiling.

The Mountains are Calling!

2015 was a big year for DSG, as they signed on with Mountain Sports Distribution as their exclusive Canadian distributer. This opened up DSG to a whole new market - backcountry riding!

Blaze Pink Bill and DSG Hunt

Wendy reached out to Wisconsin State Representatives to propose making blaze pink legal for hunting. The Blaze Pink Bill was passed as a result of Wendy's determination, inspiring DSG to release it's very first hunting line in 2017.

Breaking the Ice

After countless requests, DSG launched it's first ice fishing line in 2019 - reaching a completely new market of outdoorswomen that would later expand into the open water line.

A Fisherwoman's Dream

Following the success and craze of DSG's ice fishing line, the Open Water Fishing line was launched in 2020. The pandemic had everyone outdoors, so the fishing line quickly became popular amongst women anglers.

But Wait, There's More!

In 2021, DSG released a heated gear line, complete with a vest, socks and gloves to appeal to all women, regardless if they hunt, fish, or snowmobile.

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We strive to make outerwear that fits the needs of EVERY woman. Our sizes range from XXS to 5XL and include features that are built to tailor garments to fit YOUR body.

✹ Adjustable Inseams - most of our pants and bibs have snap-up inseams that allow you to shorten to the desired length.
✹ Adjustable Suspenders - allow you to change the fit of the torso on bibs and monosuits.
✹ Waist Adjusters - allow you to cinch in or let out the waist of your outerwear for a looser or more form fitting look and feel.


Covering every season, DSG Outerwear is recognized for its expertise in women's hunting, fishing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, heated gear and lifestyle clothing. No matter the conditions, DSG Outerwear has the gear to keep you comfortable in the outdoors.

Our Values


Honoring commitments and upholding strong moral principles.


Maintaining a sense of optimism and hopefulness.


The acceptance of responsibility for honest and ethical conduct towards others.


Working jointly with others and promoting shared success.