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Easy Snowmobile Wrap Application

Learn how to apply wrap to your snowmobile with this easy-to-follow guide. We'll walk you step by step through the process of personalizing your unique sled.

You’ve invested valuable time and money into designing and purchasing your sled wrap. Those shiny sheets of vinyl stickers have arrived so don’t let your excitement for fully personalizing your sled be stifled by the daunting task of applying your wrap. Upon perusal of the snowmobile forums, one stand-out tip for applying your wrap is, “to let someone else do it.” Humorous, yes; necessary, no. As a woman participating in a physically demanding, exhilarating outdoor activity, you are fully capable of learning how to apply custom snowmobile wraps. With a little self-confidence, and some strong attention to detail, it’s not only possible, but also probable.


As a whole, your sled should be clean, dry and warm when you’re applying the decals. Next, become quick friends with your application tools. Many wrap application kits will come with a wedge-like squeegee that allows you to smoothly and evenly apply the vinyl stickers. Patience is vital to avoiding bubbles, but if they do occur, pop the bubble with a small pin and use your squeegee to work out the bubble. At the end of your application a process, an X-acto tool can be used to trim any excess or tuck in raised edges of the decals.


Heat guns are helpful for working the wrap around complex curves of your sled. Slightly heat the part of the decal that will be laid on the tricky section of your sled, allow the section to cool slightly, and apply the decal. A heat gun can also be used to work out bubbles and wrinkles. Again, heat the area slightly, allow the area to cool a bit, and then work out the bubble or wrinkle with your hand or squeegee tool. Some of the plastics on your sled are considered low energy plastics: they’re rougher surface requires a little extra heat to adhere the decals.

Wet vs Dry Application Methods

You’re using the dry application method when you cut each piece apart, remove the backing, align the decal, and apply the sticker with your hand, squeegee, or a soft rag. Some will recommend using a very light mist of water to the back of the decal, which leaves a little room for error when applying the decal. The moisture will allow the wrap to be minimally adjusted during application. However, too much water can make application even more difficult.

Stay warm and stylish in the shop with a DSG side tie hoodie and knit beanie. Grab your riding buddies and make a gathering out of applying your new sled wrap. This process need not be a frustrating one and goes quicker with some moral support. Be patient with yourself and the wrap during this process, and remember that perfection is a difficult expectation to achieve.

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