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North American Hunting Trip Bucket List

Get inspired by our 2024 North American hunting bucket list! From alligators to mountain lions, we've come up with our list of dream hunting trips.

While there’s something so satisfying about harvesting an animal in our own backyard, there are some hunting trips that almost every hunter will dream of taking in their lifetime. Spark your interest with ten bucket list hunts to take in North America.

Alaskan Brown bear

The wilderness of Alaska is home to a variety of enviable prey, but even accomplished hunter (and DSG team member) Melissa Bachman dreams of hunting an Alaskan brown bear. “My dream hunt is to call in an Alaskan brown bear with my own distress call and take it with a bow,” Bachman says. And we’d like to see her to it—on The Sportsman Channel series Winchester Deadly Passion! Like other predator hunts, these animals are equal parts terrifying and majestic when they’re bearing down on the end of your weapon.


In the heat of the Southeastern United States, alligator hunting is a unique experience, especially for those hunters who have never hunted at night. From harpoons to handguns, there’s a range of alligator hunting opportunities for those looking to spar with these reptiles. Record setting alligators in these parts measure 13-feet in length. Imagine pulling that out of the water!

Bighorn Sheep

Part of the appeal of pursuing bighorn sheep is that the opportunities to hunt sheep in their rugged habitat is extremely limited. The demand for these hunting tags outweighs the supply of sheep, with less than one thousand tags being issued in the United States each year. Throw your hat in the ring and cross your fingers, because this trophy is one that will be very special!


Found in a vast and desolate, sub-arctic region of northern North America, a hunt in these parts will leave hunters feeling truly detached from civilization. Enduring the conditions under which these animals live will be a test of wills for any hunter. From unpredictable weather patterns to the threat of hunting in grizzly bear territory, to enter this wilderness and exit with a caribou is a huge hunting achievement.

Mountain Goat

Find yourself among the cliffs, ledges and rock spires of the mountain goat’s habitat on a hunt that will certainly require a lot of hiking. You may have to battle snowy or rainy conditions, conditions that this trophy will only blink at in their thick, white coat. But it will all be worth it to get up close and personal with an animal that most people have never even seen!

Mountain Lion

Does your heart rate increase with the sound of hounds? Looking for an intensely physical hunt? Then mountain lion hunting could be the hunt of your dreams. Colorado and Idaho are two prime states for these adrenaline-pumping chases.

New Mexico Elk

Montana, Colorado and Wyoming may be the first Rocky Mountain states that come to mind when you consider elk hunting, but New Mexico has 3.3 million public acres that offer prime elk hunting. The climate is mild and the terrain is sandy, but deep in the back country are monstrous bull elks like this one:


In the plains of Wyoming, the least populated state, there are more pronghorn than people. A step up from your favorite deer hunt, these “speed goats” will reel you in with their herd density and then keep you guessing with their quick retreat. With incredible vision and speed, evolution is on the side of the pronghorn being stalked by a clumsy human.

Wild Pigs

Feral pigs are a plague on the southern states, and hunting has become the solution. An invasive species through and through, these pigs aren’t your grocery store breed of bacon. With numbers booming in southern states like Texas, as well as California, wild hogs are responsible for the destruction of habitat that is vital to the success of more native wildlife. By taking down one of these pigs, hunters will aid the ongoing battle against the increasing numbers and expansion of wild pig territory.

Yukon Moose

Taking down a moose is a dream in itself, but the big bulls are in the Yukon—where antlers can span more than six feet and bulls can weight over 1,200 pounds. We can only imagine the pack out on this incredible moose Melissa Bachman took down in October 2019. “The bull of a lifetime” boasts a 65.5-inch spread with over 18-inch wide paddles.

What’s your dream hunt? Is it a plains pronghorn or a northern caribou? Share with us your hunting trip bucket list!

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