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Hunting Apparel for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

DSG Outerwear's hunting lineup is for every season of life.

Author: Beka Garris

As women hunters, we often find ourselves browsing and buying hunting gear for all seasons. Not only all hunting seasons and seasons of weather, but seasons of life. For years I collected gear from many different brands, searching for the ideal fit in the camo pattern I preferred and it was tough to find things I truly liked and that stood up to wear and tear. A few years ago I found DSG Outerwear and for the first time in my life I found gear that actually fit properly – and over the years I have discovered they also have gear that adapts to the many phases of my life. This includes pregnancy and breastfeeding!

Being someone who believes in practicality and frugality, I don’t want to immediately rush out and buy all new gear – during pregnancy in particular. I’m sure many of you feel the same way! So, I’m going to share my favorite pieces from DSG Outerwear that work ideally with a growing belly, and the pieces that work great for easy access to breastfeeding and pumping. As more and more women get into hunting, it’s a topic that should be talked about.

During Pregnancy

I had an idea in my head as to which pieces would work during pregnancy and was surprised to find out my favorite pieces were not what I expected. I quickly learned that any pants without an elastic waistband weren’t going to work later in pregnancy, and even pullover jackets without some stretch wouldn’t work – even in one size up. Although it was fairly easy to wear everything normally in the first trimester, once my hips and belly started growing in the second and third trimester I had to eliminate a few articles of clothing that I normally wear. For example, my field pants fit fairly well as long as they weren't zipped, but I had difficulty keeping them from falling down since they can’t be fastened. Thankfully, there are other options!

My favorite DSG Outerwear hunting apparel for pregnancy in no particular order:

  • Breanna Fleece Drop Seat Bibs: These are amazing not just because they are incredibly soft, warm, quiet and comfy – but they have STRETCH! Not only is the fabric a bit stretchy, but the adjustable overall straps and the zipper in the front just make these perfect for growing bellies.
  • Breanna Fleece Pullover: Again, the stretch! Especially if you size up one size larger than usual, this jacket should keep you warm through the third trimester
  • Bexley Ripstop Tech Pants: I was very surprised how much I liked these during all trimesters. The elastic waistband was what made these perfect, and even unzipped for the third trimester they still stayed up and were comfortable since they are so lightweight. When it comes to pants that won’t quite button, you can use a hair tie to hold them closed, OR you can simply buy a pants extender and/or a shirt extender that is intended for maternity. I’ve used both and they’re not only affordable but really extend the life of your non-maternity pants!
  • Ella Hunting Jacket: Zip-up jackets are the best for pregnancy. You may not be able to fully zip it by the end of your pregnancy, but layering up with a hoodie and scarf underneath it generally is enough! I find the Kylie jacket a little too restricting when pregnant, but I love the fit of the Ella.
  • Ultra Lightweight Hunting Shirt: Pregnant or not, this shirt is amazing. It’s incredibly soft, comfortable and SUPER stretchy. It’s form fitting without being constricting and is perfect for warm weather hunts. The long length is also perfect for covering your whole belly!

General rule of thumb when getting ready for hunting season while pregnant: utilize what you have as much as possible, but remember everything may not fit and that’s okay too!

While Breastfeeding/Pumping

It’s not nearly as difficult to find hunting gear that will be easy to breastfeed or pump in. However, there are definitely pieces that are more helpful than others when it comes to access! First off, I’ve found it’s best to steer clear of form fitting clothing. It can make it more difficult to undo when needed and in some cases can lead to clogged ducts, which are never fun.

Zip up jackets such as the Ava, Kylie, and Ella jackets are the best! They allow you to unzip your jacket and access without any restrictions in the way. I recommend wearing a nursing tank as a base layer, then a second looser fitting shirt over that. This will make it easy to pull the top shirt up and the nursing tank down and allow you to feed your baby or pump without flashing anyone or exposing your whole belly. This may not really be if concern, however, if you hunt with men or where there are a lot of mosquitoes it's a helpful tip! Bibs such as the Breanna and Kylie Drop Seat Bibs can also add a little more coverage while nursing/pumping as well.

If you’re hunting where it is really hot, the Bexley Ripstop Tech Shirt over a nursing tank would be a great option! It’s lightweight and not too bulky to pull up to feed or attach pumps. Despite my love for the Breanna Fleece Pullover, it wasn’t the easiest to breastfeed in – ¼ zip jackets don’t allow enough access to feed over the top of the zipper, and the jacket is too thick to pull up to feed under comfortably.

I know that when I first became pregnant with my oldest daughter, I worried that having a child would keep me from doing what I loved and restrict my time outdoors. However, I ended up hunting throughout my whole pregnancy and spent many mornings breastfeeding at the base of a tree during spring turkey hunting. Each stage of life has had it’s difficulties and it’s high points, but hunting has been a constant throughout them all. And, I’m thankful to have the gear to get me through it all!


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