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Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures: With Heated Gear by DSG Outerwear

Don’t let cold temperatures dampen your outdoor experience—equip yourself with heated gloves, socks, and vest by DSG Outerwear.

Winter brings with it a host of fun and exciting outdoor activities, from snowmobiling through snow-covered forests to hiking through picturesque winter wonderlands. While winter activities offer thrills and stunning views, they also expose us to the harsh cold. Thankfully, advancements in technology have given us a game-changing solution: heated gloves, socks, and vests. Explore how incorporating heated accessories into your winter wardrobe can enhance your cold weather outdoor experiences.

The heated gloves, vest, and socks are easily adjusted between low, medium, and high heat settings.

Improved Blood Circulation and Warmth

When exposed to cold weather, the blood vessels in our extremities, such as hands and feet, tend to constrict, reducing blood flow to those areas. This constriction can cause discomfort, numbness, and even pain. However, DSG Outerwear’s heated gear was designed specifically to actively combat these cold weather obstacles. By providing a steady source of warmth, these accessories help dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation, ensuring that your extremities receive an adequate blood supply. Increased blood flow not only keeps your hands and feet warm but also delivers essential nutrients and oxygen throughout your body, promoting optimal physical function.

Enhanced Comfort and Flexibility

One of the significant advantages of our heated gloves, socks, and vests is the enhanced comfort they provide, even in the coldest conditions. These accessories are designed to offer optimal warmth without compromising mobility. Whether you're engaged in winter sports like skiing, snowmobiling, or hiking or simply out for a walk with your dog, our heated gear products ensure that your hands, feet, and core remain cozy and comfortable throughout your outdoor activities. The flexibility and range of motion provided by these items allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor adventures without unnecessary discomfort or restrictions.

The ActionHeat power banks have a slim profile and are lightweight!

Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle

Investing in heated gloves, socks, and vests doesn't just provide immediate warmth and comfort; it also promotes a healthier lifestyle overall. By keeping your body at a stable temperature during cold weather, you reduce the chances of catching a cold or coming down with the flu due to extreme temperatures. Plus, by making outdoor activities in winter more enjoyable and comfortable, heated accessories encourage an active lifestyle and regular exercise, supporting physical fitness and mental well-being.

Our Favorite Features

DSG Outerwear intentionally launched our heated gear product line with a heated vest, gloves, and socks to start. These accessories offer outdoor enthusiasts the most versatility for incorporating heated technology seamlessly into their various winter pursuits. For example, toes are often the first extremities to get cold in the outdoors, but not if you’re wearing our heated socks. Each sock comes with a powerful Action Heat 5V power bank, which have a thin profile and are lightweight so they aren’t cumbersome under your winter layers. The socks are heated from the bottom up, so that your feet and toes stay toasty warm.

The heat control button on each of our heated gear items is conveniently located so that turning on or adjusting your heat settings is a quick and easy!

The heated gloves, meanwhile, have the heating elements positioned along the fingers and thumb, so that heat circulates throughout the entire hand. Again, the slim Action Heat battery packs fit into a discreet pocket on the extended gauntlet of the gloves. Whether attending an outdoor sporting event in the fall or walking the dog in frigid temperatures, these gloves are ideal for keeping your hands warm and nimble.

Finally, our heated vest is a customer favorite, as it serves as a sleek and stylish option for maintaining your core body temperature. Freezing temperatures will no longer diminish your enjoyment in the outdoors, as this vest easily fits under winter outerwear or can be worn as a cute, casual fall outer layer itself. Don’t let cold temperatures dampen your outdoor experience—equip yourself with our heated gloves, socks, and vest. Worn together, or individually, these items will help you weather the coldest winter conditions. 

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