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Tactical Tips to Prepare for Big Game Hunting

Be at your best when the big game hunting season arrives, with technical gear and tactical tips from DSG Outerwear.

There’s lots to enjoy about the summer season: from camping to fishing trips, we can appreciate the break from hunting that we get while the weather is hot. But let’s be honest, these are just distractions from a season we’re passionate about. So while we anxiously await the start of big game season, channel some of that passion into preparing yourself for the hunting season(s) ahead. Below, you’ll find links to a few articles geared toward preparing you with tactical tips for the upcoming big game hunting season.

Choosing Your Camouflage

It is a varied vegetative world out there, and hunting occurs in a vast number of regions and seasons. Embrace these elements with your camo selection. The wrong camo patterns can have the opposite of its intended effect–making you stand out against your natural surroundings. Consider where you will be hunting, and the natural elements of that area: coniferous trees, croplands, wetlands, arid terrain, river bottoms, hard woods, rocky hillsides, etc. When choosing your camo, know what the pattern was designed for, as most have specific intentions for the pattern.

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Tips for Trail Camera Scouting Success

Is there such a thing as the perfect trail camera setup? Well, like most situations in the sport of hunting, there are a lot of variables involved—mostly dictated by the property you’re scouting. But the success of using a trail camera comes when it is able to provide you with information on the animals you’re after come hunting season, including their movements, patterns and herd health. While a lot can be said about the type of trail camera you purchase and how it performs as far as image quality, speed and storage, there are a few steps you can take to help scouting success come your way…

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Deer Season Prep Checklist

From scouting to checking your equipment, there are many things you can do during the summer to prepare yourself for deer season. Among our eight step checklist, perhaps the most important thing you can do this summer is practice with your weapon. Invest time into taking a variety of shots from different ranges and at different angles. All that practice is sure to pay off when you're able to make a good, clean shot during the hunting season.

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