DSG Outerwear

Casquette de camionneur camouflage

$29.99 USD
Couleur: Realtree Edge®

Stay concealed with our classic camouflage trucker cap. Available in Mossy Oak® and Realtree® patterns with Stone accents. Features an adjustable snap back. 


-Adjustable Snap Back

-DSG Logo Patch

-Available in Realtree Edge®, Realtree Original ®, Realtree Excape™, Realtree Timber®, Realtree Max-7®, Mossy Oak® Obsession®, Mossy Oak® Bottomland New®, Mossy Oak® Bottomland Original®, or Mossy Oak® Country DNA®

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Habituellement prête en 24 heures

Couleur: Realtree Edge®